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The Bowers Walk

The Bowers Walk, which dates back to the 1800s is a two-mile walkway from the town of Ballinrobe along the River Robe, past historic sites like the old Cavalry Barracks and Cranmore House. The Bowers walk originally formed part if an elaborate engineering undertaking that envisaged the linking of Ballinrobe to Galway by means of canals. The River Robe was to be canalised from Ballinrobe to Lough Mask and a huge channel excavated between Lough Mask and Lough Corrib. This would allow trading between Galway and Castlebar, which isn’t that far from Ballinrobe.
The scheme to construct the channel system was abandoned in 1856 due to the lack of funding from the government of the day and also due to the fact the railways were fast replacing the waterways as a means of transport. The present structure was built in 1849. Bollards and mooring rings are still the same as they were when first constructed.
The waterflow from the Bulcaun River was diverted to feed the mill & brewery. The brewery was in full action in 1859 and there were twelve people employed there.  The product was single X porter and it had a large sale in South Mayo and North Galway. The brewery was let to a man named Livingston who came from Westport. He also looked after the Flour Mill.The channel, now dry, still exists and can be seen on the far bank.
The Military Bridge, which you pass under, was constructed at this time. The building beyond the bridge was the Cavalry Barracks, which originally was Ballinrobe Castle. It was constructed in the 13th century by the De Burgos. The walk ends at Creagh Road.

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