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Ballymacgibbon Cairn
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Ballymacgibbon Cairn

Ballymacgibbon Cairn
Ballymacgibbon Cairn is a huge, unopened and reletavely undisturbed probable passage mound. The limestone cairn is perhaps 45 - 50 meters in diameter, and is quite high. It is surrounded by a low mound, and kerbstones are visible in several places, one of which has some interesting lines or scratches. There is a large pile of stones on top of the cairn which is a fairly recent addition.

Cairn from the air

This monument is signposted on the right-hand side of the road as you travel from Cross to Cong. Access is very easy, a short walk up along a track, then in across a stile. Knockma and Eochy's Cairn are probably visible, as they are all quite close by. There are three more cairns, all pretty ruined, within a kilometer of Ballymacgibbon. The stone circles are about 1.5 km west of the cairn.

St Fura's Church

From Christian times you can still see the ruins of St Fura's church at Ballymagibbon (7th Century). An interesting relic of this old ruin is now placed in the porch of Cross church. It is a carved stone having in relief the figure of a child.

St Fura relic
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